Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Muscles without getting Bulky

The main goal of body building is to put on mass without gaining extra calories. You need to intake only that much amount of calories necessary for the survival. Any excess of body fats should be often burned out.
But the underlying concept is little bit confusing. If we want to gain weight we need to consume extra calories because chemicals can be harmful for your body.

If you want to reduce excess fat you need to burn the calories. Both these phenomenon are opposite and hence the question is how they can be maintained simultaneously?

If you want to gain mass you have to consume calories. But the main question arises is that how much amount we actually require to gain the weight. Once you have achieved that limit it will be easier to stop consuming calories.

Is it possible to gain mass without gaining excess fats?

Most of us think that the easiest way of gaining mass is via consumption of more foods. The more you will eat the more weight you will be able to gain. Your body will consume the required calories and but the extra calories will be added as excess fat on your body.
But the most appropriate approach is to consume food in required amounts. One must consume only those calories that can easily be used by your body.

If a person consumes 5000 or even more calories in a day, within four to six months he will become bulky and look ugly. In this modern day of fashion trend no one can afford to have ugly looks.
Now you must be thinking how much calories are required in a proper amount by your body?
You must have heard about the man who claims to gain 20 pounds fat only in six weeks. But this is quite impossible for a new weight lifter. In a week you can gain maximum of one pound. In case if your genetics are not supporting then you can gain even less amount of fat in a week. It is necessary for you to consume calories only in a required amount.

It would be better to consume only 250 – 500 calories in a day. This amount of calorie will easily be absorbed by your muscles. Above calories can result into accumulation of excess fat on your body. If still you are consuming extra calories then reduce the amount according to your body requirement.
Every human being has a different body structure. Sometimes the body starts responding even for a small intake of calories and sometimes result is zero even after consuming a large amount of calories. So you can increase or decrease the amount according to the result. If you are getting bulky stop consuming more calories and try to reduce them.

The best approach of gaining mass without gaining excess fat is slow consumption of calories. If you can consume calorie slowly, they it will be more effective and the results will also be a long lasting type. But most of the people deny choosing this method as it is very time consuming. But this is the best approach and so from next time you must be sure to follow this method for gaining mass without inviting fats.

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